John Christy & David Smalley

John Christy is the director and producer of My Week In Atheism, and holds multiple degrees in theology and apologetics. We also have offensive crayons in the studio. You read that right. Get the full version with no ads at

Judge Not!

The objection the Church currently faces in a relative society is an opportunity to speak the firm truth of Christ in compassion and love, but most definitely not to retreat to doctrine that allows a person to believe they are fine as God created them.

The Children of God

With our position, as God’s children, comes responsibility, as we now represent someone other than ourselves. We have a calling. We have a purpose.  We carry the name of Christian on our chest. We are marked, and as such it is rightly expected of us to act in line with our family heritage.

The Christian Worldview

Our understanding of justice and our demand for such a metaphysical law to be upheld with certainty and devotion is absurd in a universe where God does not exist. The condition of human nature is that we recognize this reality and that while we seek for it we equally rebel against it.

Dear Believer…A Response

While the religious beliefs we subscribe to may be a product of our environment this does nothing to disprove those beliefs. And while science has led to a better understanding of the world around us it has done nothing to remove a deity but rather has arguably done more to prove intelligence beyond our understanding.